Data Science for Cyber-Security
25-27th September 2017, Imperial College London, U.K.
DSCS 25-27th Sep 2017

Talks and posters

We welcome contributed papers on the topic, broadly defined as data science for cyber-security, and taken to include any statistical, machine-learning, or data mining approach to a problem in cyber-security, for example, enterprise network security, fraud detection, risk management and monitoring, malware analysis, cyber-crime prevention and more. Also welcome are presentations of new cyber-security problems, information systems and data resources.

The deadline for submissions was 15th June, 2017 (midnight, BST)
Reviews by 10th July
Camera-ready copies by 28th July

Instructions for Authors

Instructions and a downloadable template for preparation are here (9.00 x 6.00):

Other instructions:
  1. The document must be produced using LaTeX, in the template above, and a pdf file must be submitted.
  2. The approximate page limit is 15 (note the low content per page ratio in the template).
  3. Please do not include more than one colour figure.
  4. If structured figures are used, please use the “subfigure” package.
  5. Please avoid using specialist LaTeX packages.


When you are ready, please submit your paper via EasyChair: